1 yoyo for shape: what is your choise?

Hi everyones! Hi read that it might be useful to try more types of yoyos to experiment how different shapes/weight distribution etc. affect the play. So, my question is:
You are about to leave for a desert island :grimacing: and you have to choose only two yoyos (a “budget” and a “premium”) for each of the classic shapes. Which would you bring with you?

Hmmm :thinking:

Top Deck [Organic H], and SK [V]

I think that’s too many choices for a desert island… 4 shapes × 2 = 8? You should narrow it to top two or three irrespective of shape! :wink:

I guess my two would be Deep State and … yoyofriends Hummingbird.

:joy: It is true, too many choise for a desert island! I totally agree with you! Let’s go with two choises, one low budget and one premium choise!

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My TiWalker and probably my Eh (with a couple extra axles for the Eh and bearings for the Ti)

Sleipnir, protostar (at least according to today’s mood :+1:)


I also really like the protostar (maybe because I tried only two yoyos, and one of these is the protostar :grin:)