Which Yo-Yos?

Ok so im going to get two yoyos for my birthday and want some of your opinions on combinations… so vote! ;D

What are your prefrences? We can’t help you until we know.

Size: Medium

Shape: Butterfly, Imperial, H-shape

Weight: Doesn’t Matter

Response: anything besides Hybrid

Color: No Preference

Types of Tricks: Whips, Slacks, Grinds, looking to try either 4a or 2a

Hope this helps!


For 1A, if you have the money, get the dv888. I don’t have one (I don’t have the money) but I have heard amazing things about it.

If you want to try 2A, I recommend getting 2 sunset trajectorys.

For 4a try the Fiesta if you like (i’m not sure how much it would cost), but I would stick with something simple like a big yo.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Wrong section.

what for 2 yoyos. buy 1 better, not 2 weak ; - P say how much money hav you got