1 Year..


I have been here 1 year from today…

It has been a great experience.

I wanted to thank everyone that helped me and was kind. I also want to thank all the haters and dislikers.

I had some ups and downs. And some point I was just posting normally.

Some other times I was trying to settle an argument that some haters wouldn’t let go.

But thanks everyone! You were kind and sometimes mean, but 90% nice and helpful.

Shoutout to Studio42 for all the advice/help/and recommendations.

All the Mods, especially Jhb!!


And more, but I forget!




cool, happy 1 year, mate.


Yay to you sir


Nice. Happy one year:)


I was on for a year on the 17th. The dramatic difference in the amount of posts for each of us is shocking…

(Owen) #7

k cool


It is…

Neymo, why the K i don’t care post?


Maybe because a lot of people pass this checkpoint?


K cool


Okay, now it’s okay :stuck_out_tongue:

Say what you want ;)…