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Hey guys guess what? I just realized that I have more than 1000 posts! Yay! My 1000 past was telling Strippedaxle how awesome his video was. Thank you guys for giving me advice, tips, and just general help with my yoyos. I want to individually thank Gregp and Noonar for their help. Greg was the one who originally replied to my post on the “Introduce yourself” thread. He also is the one who helped me land many of the tricks I know- three that come to mind are the 1.5 side mount, kwijibo, and plastic whip. Noonar and I have had PM convorsations and he has always been around to help me out with whatever I neeeded. He also helped me with my quest to find a better string than YYE poly. Haha and I’m always excited to see what his next avatar will be!

I just want to averall thank everyone on this site and I also want to thank Andrè for being awesome and creating this site.



Awesome! Cheers to 10,000 more!

^ this :slight_smile:

I shouldn’t say Quality over quantity because ill get the whole “Yeah BC, with 4,000+ post xD”

Yeah BC… :wink:

Welcome to the club.

The first post is always the best. That’s when all the fun begins! :wink:

The first (hole) is the hardest…

“No, the second (hole) is the hardest!”

“No man, the fifth (hole) is definitely the hardest”


You’re now “in”…


I’d suggest going back and looking through your REALLY old posts. I did that, and found out I was a total n00b, lol!

I know! I was like “so, I know a lot about the summit” i knew nothing " and i want extreme spins. Like, really long spins. Which yoyo spins the longest? I like long spin times."
I never made a “1000th post!” post :frowning:

Hmm time for me to look back at my posts and see if Ive actually learned something or …

Hey man! Glad I was able to help out in some small way! Surprised and honored to see that individual “thank you” there, not to mention humbled.

You’re an asset to this community and it’s always fun finding out what tricks you’re onto. Won’t be long before you’re passing me and I’m asking YOU for tips. (on that note: any idea how to do I Be a Minute GT without binding half the time?)

Many happy returns!

Haha i looked at the video of that trick a few weeks ago and it looks super super hard. Hope you figure it out!

my first post is pretty lame…

You telling me all that lurking wasn’t fun… =/

I know that trick. Just PM me your issue and i can help…

Also, leg, my post were like a idiot or something.

Ill edit with a quote…

I’m pretty sure that he made a thread about it…

Yup, there’s a thread.

Ohh! I gotta check it out XD…

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Hey guys speaking of having a lot of posts, my iPod doesn’t connect to wifi anymore and that’s how I usually post, so I will probably not post as much anymore. I know I could just go on a computer, but I don’t really go on computers much.

When I look back at old posts I literally cringe.