1 Year Clip *UPDATED*

1 Year vids, not official, whole vid coming soon :slight_smile:
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Pretty smooth. Can’t wait to see the official one. :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Was that SpongeBob? Nice video, but the string was rather difficult to see. On the other hand, I enjoyed it very much because it had SpongeBob music in the backround! WOO! ;D

Lol, yea it was spongebob

Bump, i need feedback

Good Ima sub,

Oh, thanks :slight_smile:

the yoyo seem be the timeless kepler, from brazil!! great vid!


Nice mate…keep it up…Your Flow is almost smooth


I might suggest you hang some black cloth behind you when you do the final video. It’ll eliminate background noise so that your audience can concentrate on the focus of the video. Alternately, just use a background that contrasts the string nicely if you dont have any black cloth. :slight_smile:

One other thing, I’d definitely put music over the original audio (do this in Windows movie maker or whatever program you use :)), again it’ll keep the audience’s attention and make the video interesting.

Hope that helped. :slight_smile:

Nice vid! Your really smooth!

No more feedback?

I really liked the videos and am looking forward to the full version!