1.5 Mount

Not sure why, but every time I attempt it, the yoyo passes in front of the string instead of hitting it. I just need some tips on how to get the yoyo to hit the string consistently.

You can practice by having your NTH as 12 o’clock instead of 3 or 9. 9 if you’re right handed. Once you get it that way, which should be easier, then as you practice, lower than NTH back to 9 . . . or 3 if you’re right handed. Hope this helps.

Agreed. I’m a noob and I can get the 1.5 mount consistently by raising my NTH and moving it slightly forward (I don’t go like all the way to 12 o’clock, more like 10 or 11 o’clock). It doesn’t look very good, but I’m trying to gradually refine it over time. It’s good enough to get me started on those tricks that need the mount

Thanks guys, starting to land it occasionally. I just pushed my NTH forward a bit and it helped immensely. :smiley: