Pretty awesome…

That was so awesome! One of the most creative styles yet!

I hope you know I didn’t invent it, it was Jayyo.

Oh well, it was still cool though. How did you keep the one half balanced?

Nice. You should try sticking your thumb and do a thumb grind on the half. :wink:

He must of has his string tention pretty tight to hold it. :o

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Nope… Your all wrong… A yoyo is pretty much a gyroscope on a string!

Neat huh?

Extra: http://www.howstuffworks.com/gyroscope.htm

Cool! I can almost see how Andre made up Thumb Grinds… :slight_smile:

Yup, same concept

Woah! That looks cool!
goes and tries 1/2A

Not really, it was actually a bit loose, it just balances.

Im guessing because of how fast its spinning. I do it all the time with my yoyos.
On accident of course.
Works best with metals. Haha

Very likely the cause of it.

cough cough Ahem…

This mysterious effect is precession. In the general case, precession works like this: If you have a spinning gyroscope and you try to rotate its spin axis, the gyroscope will instead try to rotate about an axis at right angles to your force axis