Zombies Vs. Unicorns

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This is a metaphor that symbolizes the human condition. So, decide away my fellow answerers!


That this is a terrible thread.




Are we the zombies and the unicorns a symbolism of happiness that doesn’t exist in this world?



I would think that the zombies symbolize the humans that are sheep. Just doing what they are told and following the crowd.

Unicorns would resemble creativity and freedom. The people that are creative and don’t follow a crowd or a restrictive set of ideas.

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Zombies are used to comment on almost any aspect of our existence. They are walking dead,they are the wreck of consumerism,they are the eventual death that faces us all. They are the metaphor for slavery,conformilty,and oblivion. What are unicorns? Fluffy,monochrome,sticky tedium.

Unicorns are majestic beasts that were once symbols of healing and fierce killings. They were hunted by mythical kings,their image emblazoned on standards by noble families. And besides, between a unicorn and a zombie,which would you rather be trapped down a mine shaft with?

Here I’m letting you decide your choice. I’m only watching over this;I won’t argue against your decision. Only two people on Earth know the answer to my choice, and I won’t answer this question publicly,the question is…are you?


#Team Z-Yo







I hate unicorns they were left off the arc for a reason

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Are people just using this for pictures? This is a serious issue that cannot be ignored. That’s right, it’s bigger than ROBAMA!!!(Romney + Obama)





I hear a somber passion in your posts which communicates there is something here you truly want to talk about. If that is sincerely the case please understand I do not understand the analogies in such a way I can engage in a cogent discussion. If it’s important to you it’s important to me. I’m sure I am like others who are willing to discuss this with you, we just don’t have a grasp on what Zombies and Unicorns are metaphors for in your mind.

and guys, she asked you to stop with the manga stuff so let’s cool it.





Team Zombie: 5
Team Unicorn: 11

Now you see what kind of forum yoyo expert is; we’re a bunch of synonym-for-kittens. And I am one of them, unicorns all the way. Zombie apocalypse, not so much. Unicorn apocalypse, YES.

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I will not say my vote, and uh…certain people…can’t either