Ziplines Prestige string

This is going to be pretty short and sweet. I purchased a yoyo from @yomartyo last week. He was kind enough to send me one of his signature Zipline Prestige strings. The string is nice. I’ve said it many times before that my preferred string is YYSL Type X, but, if anything were to displace that, it would be the Prestige string. Soft, whippy, bright white, not much more to say about it. Feels good in the hand, any yoyo I’ve put it on (yeah, I’m that guy, moving a string around to different yoyos just because) works with it. Holds tension well, has seen a lot of play time over the past several days, still looks clean. Overall, I recommend it if you are looking to try a boutique string.


After the Skyline Prime, Prestige has become my new favorite. Just itching to get more colors!

Edit: just scored black Prestige!


i really love the Prestige string, i bought two packs and gave like a pack-worth of string away at AP219 so that others can enjoy the blend. i have since ordered two more packs.

kudos to @yomartyo and @jeremypark!


Zipline is on all my throws. Huge fan. Prestige and the new smoothie blend are my favorites currently.


I like Nate’s Premium blend string too.


Zipline kills it. Best string in the game