Zichen Liu 100%

For those who don’t know, Zichen Liu aka Jason is currently ranked 20th in the WORLD for 1A Yo-Yo Competition. He has also won China’s National Yo-Yo Championship 2x!!

He just dropped a fully clean version of his routine at worlds this year (Zichen Liu 100%)

Do you think if he pulled this routine off, he would have won the gold?!?! :trophy::trophy::trophy:


I hope other finalists do this too lol


Solid freestyle. Really good connection of movements to the music. Would have liked to have seen him move around a little more but definitely impressed!

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Dense, dialed, and really well executed. Solid music choice as well. This is a well built routine and very enjoyable to behold.


I really hope this becomes a thing that yoyoers do more often. I think a few years ago Harold Owens III did a first person video of a three minute freestyle that he either messed up or never got to use. I haven’t really seen people do this much since then, though.