Zgrt: Introducing Qi - Available at YYE!

(pronounced “chee”).

Qi is energy in the very broadest sense possible.

Qi is universal.

Qi embraces all manifestations of energy, from the most material aspects of energy to the most immaterial aspects.

Qi needs to have a balance in order to maintain good flow. If there is an imbalance of qi, energy cannot flow properly.

We started our journey with a remarkable H-shape yoyo because of the amazing properties and performance capabilities this shape can bring when in motion. This time, we wanted to bring another H-shape yoyo into our portfolio with a different style and design.


Diam: 54 mm
Width: 46.5 mm
Gap: 4.5 mm
Weight: 62.1 gr

The Qi contains the typical characteristics of an H-shape yoyo where weight is pushed to the sides and comfortability comes very natural to the hand. For such reasons, we just wanted to enhance such characteristics and have a good weight (energy) distribution.

Let’s begin with the size of the diameter. The Qi could be ambiguously considered either a regular sized or an undersized throw depending on how the players considers it. For us, the Qi is in the maximum limits of what is considered to be an undersized throw, but not in terms of performance.

The Qi plays very powerfully and nimble by properly utilizing the 62 gr. body weight along the thick rims that drive great performance. The centre of gravity of this throw is closer to the rims than the rest of the monometal throws we have designed.

Such factor allows the Qi to compensate the performance factor that a yoyo with a bigger diameter could provide. In a side-by-side comparisson with our Winglet, the Qi is 3 mm smaller in diameter, 2 mm wider and ~3 gr less in weight. The H-shape, altough is more conservative than the Winglet as it can be observed, it has been stylized with several subtle cuts that adds great personality to this throw. The catch zone of the Qi is wide enough to land tricks very easily.

The way the Qi has been machined is absolutely gorgeous. It has a very nice finish and smoothness that your hand will be happy to experience. The cup also has some cuts to aesthetically match the design of the rest of throw. It is also noticeable how we minimized the centre weight and left certain room for finger spinning. Thumb grinding will definitely not be an issue.

The Qi comes in four different colourways that will be posted in the next days prior the release at the end of the month.

The engine and responsive system the Qi comes with are a concave C bearing and pads exclusively formulated for us in order to have a great spinning time and a nice grip. The Qi comes with Alpha line - ZipLine string.

We made this project with the intention to have a performer, handsome and comfortable throw that makes the energy to flow harmoniously.

Wish you a nice Qi entry flow and let nothing hold you down.



This looks interesting! Is there a price or release date planned yet?

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Well this looks amazing


Thanks @ButofCourse and @TheSliverKing —Release date should be around Thanksgiving and price point $62


This looks great!

(So does the Winglet - sorry I missed that one.)


Thanks @hsb – I will be posting more colourways this week. That Winglet is the 7068 version. Only 25 were made.


The first colouray is the gunmetal one shown in the previous et of pictures.

The second colourway comes in a galaxy splashed blue, green and black which represents the energy coming from the centre of the body.


@jeduardo :sob: why do you do this to meeeeahhh I’m a human beingaahh :sob::sob::sob:

Lol in all seriousness I truly believe I NEED this in my life :smiling_face_with_tear: you know…to balance my Qi :smiling_face_with_tear:


Hey @yoyo-man92 thanks for your post! You actually reminded me to show the Qi energy of this green, blue boy in motion


Super off topic but are you going to be making more of those single yoyo cases? I’m putting off a small YYE order hoping so. Thanks.

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I will be making more cases but I do not think they will be ready for this year.


Awesome. Thanks.

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Looks really amazing, love the shape, it will be out anywhere in Europe?

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Thanks @Albertino — there are not European retailers this time. YYE will be able to ship to Europe though.

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This tone of Qi energy evokes creativity and represents flow and flexibility.


Showing the way the tones of this colourway blend while spinning


Yes! Photos of the yoyos spinning should be mandatory unless the colorway is a solid. Thank you for posting these!

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Can’t wait to see this yoyo out, if it has an affordable price will be mine 100%, really love the shape and the colours


LOL agreed @tropical_vibes, sometimes the colour tone they make is amazing!

@Albertino this is an Al7 monometal throw that will be in the low $60 range. One more colourway left to be shown shortly.