Zeray studio: SS303 price drop!

Hi all,

wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Lucca Zeray, I am an industrial/ furniture/ set Designer who has been running his own studio for a few years now. BUT, way more importantly has been throwing since the Freehand zero dropped.

This was a somewhat weird material based experiment.
Yo-yos are fun and I wanted one that kept the new slack whippy tricks still possibly but still able to be a pocket/ yoyo that could play responsive or unresponsive.

The ss303 is named for its material, 303 stainless, it comes standard with cork pads, a ceramic bearing and 2x .032” spacers to allow for adjustment of string gap.

Specs are as follows
31.2 mm wide
50.3 mm round
4.3 mm gap
65 g
Size C ceramic bearing
Comes with a custom pink Mac string (big shoutout to them)

We highly recommend throwing a half spec in for some wild responsive, knuckle busting fun.

Official release date is November 6th
Follow in instagram @zerayzeray for more daily updates.

thanks all,



That looks really sleek!


Lucca is a homie of mine and I can vouch for this Slimline <3

Love you z baby

@lucale should be able to help with the nylon string biz :wink:


That looks slick!!


Beautiful lookin’ throw!

Thanks a ton for the shout out @Damb👊


Beautiful, I’m interested in one .

Ss as in stainless steel right?

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it would seem so…

“ * ## zerayzeray

The SS303. Plain and simply made from 303 stainless.
The form was determined by the material and desire to have a slimline, thin walled, unresponsive return top (yoyo). 58 g
30.2 mm x 49.7 mm
Type C concave bearing
1-.5mm wall thickness
Excited to do a white label release, stay tuned.

This is from his IG

Thanks guys!

the production run is in the works ill post more info when it comes in.



Were you ever on TheYo forums?

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I was on the yoyonation forums and lost touch for about a decade.
excited to be back in the swing


Hi all,
looking toward a October 1st drop date. Ill be taking some more proper photos prior but follow allong on instagram @zerayzeray

also ill be at the NYYYC this Sunday at Washington sq park if anyone is around and wants to try this thing out.

thank you




In preperation of the drop NOVEMBER 6th! 2pm EST!!!

I Decided to do a giveawayyyY!!!

all you gotta do is go to instagram

Like and tag 3 other yoyo players on the ss303 release post!
then thats it your entered to win!

ps if you tag 6 your entered 2x

time to give away some YOYOS!!!

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ESSSKKITTITT :crazy_face:

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