Has anyone here ever played a Zeekio yoyo? I just heard about them while perusing for a new throw to buy, but I want to hear some opinions before spending my money.

I have a zeekio tempest, but it’s kinda not good. To me the shape is uncomfortable. It also felt cheaply made, and has an uncommon response system. Not sure how the others are.

I actually really want to know what the zeekio prism plays like, it’s ano job looks SUPER cool, you should check it out.

They were giving away a prism at cal states to the person who could dance the best xD it was pretty hilarious, because Chris form CLYW got up on stage and did some moves just for fun.

To answer the last post. It does look pretty cool, but I have to try it before buying that yoyo, or any other zeekio throw. After my impression with the tempest, I’m a little hesitant to spend money on something I may not like.

Ah dude, it makes it hurt all the more that I missed out on Cal States this year hahaha

I just got big love for lesser known companies

So, I won a Zeekio Prism in a caption contest on Facebook. Thank you to YoYoSam!
It arrived on Friday. I threw it all weekend.

I’ll lay it out for you IMHO. (I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I’ll be honest.)

The Prism looks great. The colors are bright, and true to the pictures online. It is in fact prismatic in full spin. Depending on room lighting, the Prism spins steely gray or shimmers like a rainbow while you play.

I didn’t slap this yoyo on a scale, but it feels a little heavy . . . maybe it’s just how the weight is distributed. I feel like it’s got a bit too much weight in the center for my tastes . . . or maybe I’m just used to something different.

I must admit I’ve been throwing a Sakura SE for about a week before this. The Sakura SE is on the small side, and reacts to the slightest gestures. The Prism isn’t like this, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. If you’re a deliberate player or heavy handed, the Prism is a solid throw. It goes where you tell it, but if you’re the kind that throws it down, and then goes with the flow of the yo, the Prism isn’t really a free spirit. It takes a little work to change direction.

My only gripe is the silicone. I don’t like it. The Prism doesn’t like to bind out of the box. It might be a harder compound. It’s either softened up over the weekend, or I’m just getting used to it. I’ll may end up swapping it out. I might also try a different bearing. The important thing is that my main gripe can be fixed inexpensively.

The Zeekio Prism falls into the budget aluminum category at about $40. Compared to other aluminum yoyos in the same price range, I’m really quite happy with the Prism. It looks great, feels comfortable in my hand, and is a solid predictable throw.

Here’s where my opinion comes in. For similar cash, you can get a Dark Magic II or a Protostar. If you’re a beginner, I would recommend either of those. If you’re a collector or have your heart set on a metal throw, but don’t want to drop $100+, you’ll be happy with the Prism, but it doesn’t really compare to my Gelada or Sakura SE. It’s also 1/3rd the price . . .

At any rate, I won’t be posting mine on the BST. It does have a certain cool factor.

My binding issues with the Prism have passed. Work friends think it’s one of my cooler yoyos. They’re amazed that it turns silver when spinning.