Zeekio Announcement! Team Member Shuichi!

Hey guys! So I have been picked up by YoyoZeekio and ZeekioDiabolo!
Thank you to everyone who inspired me along the past 3.5 years of my Yoyo Journey and helped me get this far. This is by far the most amazing video I have ever made, and I am so proud to present my entirely new set of tricks!
Thank you Sam and Mitch, of Zeekio co.
and Jake or BYYS for believing in me.
I won’t let you guys down!

I hope all of you guys enjoy!

-Shuichi :slight_smile:

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What about jeckell and hyde spins?

Hey, who says I can’t be sponsored and run my own company eh?
(and fixed :slight_smile: )

Congratulations dude :slight_smile:

pretty awesome stuff you got there! I don’t always get thru a whole yoyo vid cuz I get bored, but I watched that all the way thru, good job :slight_smile:

Thank you guys so very much!

O.O congrats! You probably will one of their best team members! Anyways enjoy sponsorship!


About time it was announced!

Sorry it took so long Elijah! haha

And thanks Greg!

Congrats. Which is your fav yoyo?

My favorite By them? Tie between the Tempest and the Core actually!
The Cores are Lovely for 3A. But 1A is my main style, and the Core works better for that imo!
The Tempest however, is larger and lighter which I love just as much!

Ok. Btw, how long have you been on their team?

Hmm, Beginning of February I do believe! But It was just announced today, with this video.
I wanted it to be as Official as Possible and something to show for it :smiley:

WOW! Quite along time. EDIT: for some reason I was thinking February 2013.

Congrats, you finally announced it ;D

But you didn’t use the yoyo I “gave” you ::slight_smile:

1 month :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh shoot! Forgot to bring that! It’ll be in future videos ofc :slight_smile:



That’s amazing man! Thumbs up to you!