Zammy's Soul Doubt Serial Number 6 or 9?



today, I’ve opend up my package of the Soul Doubt, Zammy’s Signature Yoyo he brought to YYE with YYF. It has a serial number on the rim. However, I can’t make out what I got. It’s either a 6 or a 9, depending on how you hold it. Could somebody else who has a Soul Doubt check how the numbers are orientated?



Haha! 'm no help, I’ve got #8!


GNNY, if I were you I would send an email to andre at here at Yoyoexpert asking for the orientation of the Soul Doubt. He is a very helpful and knowledgeable person and would most likely have the answer.


I could do that, yes. I’ve already tried Zammy’s Facebook page. But I thought that at least 7 people that have bought the Soul Doubt should be able to tell the orientation (with 6,9 and 8 being off the grid, possibly 1 as well, depending on the font). Curiously, I wasn’t able to find any pictures of it that show the number, yet.


Could you post a picture of yours? That way we can help you figure it out. Sometimes when its a 9 there is a _ under it. 9 I think also sometimes it could look like this too for a 6.

Here’s an example of what I’m thinking in a picture.


here it is:

There is no line, otherwise it would have been easy for me to tell.

So what do you think?


Looks like a 6 to me. Also, generally (though not always) it seems to me that any writing on the rim of a yoyo has the top of the type facing the rim - and the bottom of the type facing the center of the yoyo.
My $0.02


it’s not that easy to tell, is it? It could be either way and as you’ve pointed out there are good arguments for that. But likewise, it could just as easily be the other way around. That’s why I was hoping that someone else with a different number than 6/9 or 8 would be able to say for sure.


I think you should contact YoyoExpert. They have seen all of these yo-yos before they were shipped out. Someone there can verify whether you have a 6 or a 9. They have the contact information of everyone who bought that yo-yo. They can contact one of those people by email and ask them for you, if they don’t remember. If I were you, I’d contact them, so you know for sure. That would be a reliable source. Also, PM ~Z (“Zammy”) and ask him, I bet he knows…because it’s his yo-yo. :slight_smile:


It has to be 6, because a 9 the loop goes all the way under, and for a six it almost does.

69 for typing they look the same, but on that soul doubt it seems to be 6…

Also, for the nine, the hole is bigger, for the six it’s smaller.

Another thing, make the dv888 so it’s all even, like this picture, (below)

Then look on top, is it a 6 or a 9??


Zammy’s sig is engraved on the rim on the other half. Line it up with your # and you will have the answer.


Z on top. It’s 9.


it looks like this is catching on. Maybe I should have made a poll out of this … :slight_smile:

As it looks, I might really have to go that route because so far no one else was able to tell, yet. But there must be other buyers of this yoyo, so I’m still hoping we can get this sorted out eventually :wink:

That’s just a guess on your side. Studio42 suggests another solution. Who’s right?

It’s … blank. Because if I position the yoyo as in that picture and look on “top” then I see neither the number nor the logo. Positioning it like that, The number is on the side. If you turn it around to look at the number without changing the orientation then you get the exact same view as in my picture: the number on its side.

His sig is on the inside cup. On the rim, I only have this number and the logo. As mentioned above, if I hold the yoyo in a way so that the signature in the cup is aligned correctly, then the number on the rim is on the side of the rim with no clue on how it’s supposed to be read.

could be. Or the logo and number are both oriented towards the axle, then it would be a 6. I’m fine with either was, mind you, I just want to know for sure what the correct reading of that number is instead of guessing.


I asked Zammy about this awhile back. Yours is 6. I know this because mine is 9!


There you have it folks!! I’m happy for you. I prefer to get even numbers. 6 it is!!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! :smiley:

Thanks, RS. Did Zammy and you talk about that the person with Number 6 might be wondering the same thing? I think this is really hillarious, you asking him the same thing. :slight_smile:

@TotalArtist: as mentioned: I didn’t care either way. But it’s good to know.

Just in case you’d want to get this yoyo, though, there might be a chance for just that. I’ll keep you all updated on that.