Post Your Yo-yos


I think it would be cool if we could share all the yo-yos we currently own here.

Here’s mine, I took this picture just last weekend.

If you want a challenge, try to name them all in order.


Mary, Blood Lily, PGM, Aqua? or Griffin Wing?, Big yo, FH2, Synergy, FHZ, FHZ, Aqua, ThrowMonkey, FHZ, Bushido, Hayabusa.

(Connor) #3

Unfornately the only ones i have right now are: dark magic, duncan mosquito, duncan imperial, yomega powerbrain XP wing. Thats it :’(


cool picture :wink:


sorry, not looking to sell. I noticed you used a couple of german words in there, if you need something to be translated i would recommend using . Its relatively easy to use and is very quick.

I took out the ones that were wrong. Good guess though.


Guess?hehe is there any reward if i can guess what kinds of yoyos you have?


Ill put mine up in a sec.
WARNING: it is very small


some virtual picture that makes you feel special about your self…


I edited in the missing ones…

~yo! shi!


My: (guess)


Not a big ben, only thing thats wrong now.


Which was it, Lyn or Journey?

??? Yeah that’s definitely not a Big Ben… The only other offstring yo-yo that it could be would be…

“Is it a YYF Flymaster (or Offstring)?”

~yo! shi!


offstring lol


That is what it is officially called now. YoYoFactory Offstring.

~yo! shi!


This is my collection. Isn’t the best but it works for me.


starting from the ones in the middle,
DM, 2 duncan imperials, left: ? Right: sunset tradgectory
the other glow one, god knows…

(Connor) #17

What style of yoyo play is this? (with a counterweight) and is it very hard to learn tricks? I would love to get good at it but it seems as if it would be VERY hard to learn. Im no quitter or anything but hey i think we would all rather have it easier than harder. Any info on this kind of play would help alot. Thanks


The one you didn’t know is a custom yo axl.

This is a list of every thing in that pic. yoyojam big yo 2, Yoyojam Darkmagic, 2 Duncan imperials, Yoyojam sunset trajectory, Custom yo axl, And a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo i got out of a vending machine. Figure that 20 other things i could of got and its a yo-yo. And the other stuff is a bottle of jam lube thin, Duncan trick book, type 6 50/50 string, 3-in-1 machine lube (basically my thick lube), And a set of synergy caps.

Its called counter wight yoyoing and its where you take any kind of wight and tie it to you string. you don’t have the sting attached to you hand. so there are many new tricks you can do with it.
Really 5a or counterweight tricks are not that tough to learn. i recommend trying it and learning it Because its one of the coolest looking styles in my opinion. it really is a fun style and one of my personal favorites. If you want to learn something about it look at these vids. all you have to do when you watch the vid is click the next button under it to see the next.


Hope this helps. and remember keep it spinning.


Quality over quantity :wink:


black DM, blue yyn highlights?