Z stacks


Do Z stacks fit on a G.5?


Yes. :slight_smile:




? I got them on my friends. ???


On a G.5?


Do top tips fit on them?





Maybe you are thinking of a G5 but not g[b].[b]5


No. I know what I’m saying. You can modify them. Shave them down. They will probably stick out and be a little too big for the diameter, but they would fit. Theres a discussion on Extremespin.org that talks about this.

(Jamesofyoyo) #10

i must be weird but what are z stacks for? why not hubstacks? (ive never seen one in person or see a vid of them in use.)

(_|@<06) #11

i want a G5 so bad…z stacks look fuN!


They’re the same thing, but z stacks have a bigger circle around it, so its easier to catch with your hands.