z-stack yoyo?


I’m looking for any suggestions, or advice from someone with an Auldey L3.
full-sized diameter, >=40mm wide, wide gap, 66g or less weight (when regular stacks attached), not vibey when Z-stacks are attached, under $100
My current g5+ has really nasty vibe when I put z-stacks on, but very little vibe with normal stacks. (on a throw, when not using the stacks)
Can L3 fit z-stacks? Does it vibe with stacks/z-stacks on a throw?


Why do you want z-stacks? I don’t think the L3 can fit z-stacks, but it might be able to.

(Ariq) #3

L3 cannot fit Z-Stacks. The hubstack bearing is of a different size comared to YYF hubstack bearing. YYF uses Size A for hubstack bearing but Auldey uses Size B. So, the YYF hubstacks/Z-stacks will not works on an Auldey Yoyo

(laxdude99) #4

I guess the g5 2010 would be the best choice for you


I have z stacks already and i want to use them. They’re longer and have a larger diameter, so they are easier to grab. I have great unstacked yoyos, and I want a decent stacked one.

Thanks Ariq, this is the information on the L3 that I needed.

I like g5+, but the one I have is used, and it vibes a LOT. It has crooked axel threading on one of the yoyo halves. In theory, I only need to replace half the yoyo.
Since they are no longer sold, I was wondering if there are any new yoyos similar in weight and size to the g5+. G5 is narrower than what I want. DNA looks nice, but it’s REALLY expensive.


can’t a weerd 4xl fit z stacks?


No, those are called jimmy hats.


I know they are called jimmy hats but I was just wondering if you caould put z stacks on 4xl’s


I think jimmy hats would be nice too, but I’m not so sure about the beefcaked bearings.


The G5 doesn’t fit all of your criteria…

But really, it’s hard to find better.

Trust me.



Has anyone had experience with g5, genesis, or superstar with z-stacks? do they vibe?
This is important to me because I don’t want to have to replace my z-stacks every week because they shake loose and wear out from massive vibe.

I know that my g5+ has very little to no vibe without stacks or with normal stacks, but HUGE vibe with z-stacks, and my z-stacks are new.

If most/all yoyos vibe with z-stacks, someone please tell me. If this is the case, I’ll just stick with my g5+.

(laxdude99) #12

g5 has no vibe

genesis has a pretty big vibe

Superstar don’t know

(Matty#14) #13

My Superstar doesnt. ;D


Some do, some don’t, and in general don’t.

(Joshhh) #15

Genesis has 0 vibe, you must have one with major dings or SOMETHING done to it to make it that way. they ship perfectly vibeless. theyre amazing, PROBABLY contributes to their contest popularity.


I have a G5 no vibe plays amazing wondeful h-shape and z stacks play amazing

(LookAYoYo) #17

guys i think he meant stacked with Zstacks. i think the G5 is the yoyo that has the lest vibe with Z stacks. Zstacks only add to vibe though.


Yes, I’m wondering which yoyo can handle z-stacks and remain vibe-less or nearly vibe-less.

My yoyo vibes like crazy with z-stacks when:

  1. I tug the yoyo back and throw it right away, while the z’s are still spinning
  2. I let go of the z-stacks, while the yoyo is spinning

My yoyo does not vibe when normal stacks are attached.


Well I had a regular G5 for a couple days. It had no vibe. Must just be your’s.

(laxdude99) #20

I was talking about when I put z stacks on those yoyos