auldey l3 hubstacks?

Can you guys tell me where to buy the hubstacks for the l3 (l3 is being sold at if your guys want to know) because the l3 bearing size for the hubstacks is a yoyojam small bearing (Aquarius) so regular yoyofactory hubstacks bearing (size A) won’t fit it, that’s all i know. Can you guys help me out?

Mine come with stack

So, because its not allowed to post a link to another store, i PM you if thats alright.

Hope i help.

auldey L3 have hubstacks!!!


Yes they has.
But the hubstack system on L3 is diffrent from YYF’s, so you can’t put YYF’s hubstack on them.

No GenEvolution the hubstacks are licsenced by YYF and if you buy from an American website most likely it won’t have hubstacks or koncave bearing cause they are owned by YYF. But you can buy YYF hubstacks seperately and put them on if you want.

if I buy one in Europe will there be hubstacks with it ???

YYF does not own the konkave bearing. Frank Difeo does. YYF owns the centertrack.