Z-GAMES! 2009 Clip Video!

YES! Here it is!

~yo! shi!


Happy Throwing! =]

Amazing! I loved it!

I bet André wasnt in it cause hes a robot.

That was pretty sweet.

Wow that was pretty cool. Where was this? and what was that thing that Macheal Glenn was playing with?

Yeah, Andre pretty much sat at the judge’s table all day, clicking clickers. I’m convinced he gave my pity points, while Johnny took them away. :wink:

It was at the North East Regionals, in Florence, Massachusetts. Michael Glenn (from SpherePlay.com) was doing contact juggling. It was a ball.

~yo! shi!

Ah, I’m trying to find more about that guy Michael Glenn with the ball going through his body

But cool, nice vid!

Man that was a amazing video really cool

were did this take place

Thanks! :smiley:

~yo! shi!

aww geez that really far from California

I wonder if Steven was there, I hoped he was. He wanted to go earlier so I hope he didn’t forget about it or whatnot.

ZOMG what were they doing at 5:45 with the ball that was so sick

Ya you guys all missed out it was really fun.

And yoshi, I feel you on the “pitty points” thing. I think I got a few of those in there. I was wayyyyy to nervous. I’m really mad that I messed up that much.

what are the songs ???