Zeekio Continuum

Comments are obligatory

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That was a really great video, dude. The tricks were great and the angles were fine, great job.

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Thanks. I’m pretty happy with the results myself.


Dope video! You love that continuum lol… Btw this is Joey from PA States if you remember me.

Yup, I remember you. Glad you liked it.

Commenting out of legal obligation

But seriously nice job. That frontstyle was awesome!

Obligatory Comment haha nice style, liked all the slacks and the speed was pretty sweet ;D

You two shall not be sued.
The video was kind of hard to make because of the cold. After 15 minutes outside, I had to take a break inside to keep my hands from getting numb.

Thanks for commenting.

It’s actually really fun to throw with numb hands (or maybe I’m just creepy). Nice vid though.

If it weren’t for the fact that numb hands hurt, I would agree with you.

Just a nice little bump