YYR Valkyrie

(InvaderDust) #1

Very little spoken about it. Have you thrown it? Do you own one? What do you think about it?

The engraving draws me in, the dark green is soft on the eyes. The shiney silver of the thick SS rims. Man it looks good. But how does it play?

YYR is known for their approach and design. Does it stand up to the onslaught of other Bi’s in the market today? What makes it stand out, or what makes it blend in?


It’s a very good yoyo. I think you don’t see much praise for it because it’s older brother is the Draupnir and that is a very difficult legacy to live up to.

I have played four bi-metals, the YYJ Phenom, the Jazz-Yo Regulus, the CLYW Blizzard and the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is the best performer out of all of them quite easily IMO with the Blizzard being the runner up. For a bi-metal it is on the heavier end at 65.6g and you can certainly feel it. It has a very solid and heavy feel at the end of the string. You can certainly play it fast but I’d say it is more suited to a slower speed. It spins for aeons and is very stable. Due to the long spin times and somewhat sharp rims it has quite the bite to it if you call it back early (and if it snags and hits your knuckles you are going to feel it). The cup it pretty decent for finger-spins and it handles horizontal quite well due to its shape. It has a pretty good surface for finger grinds though due to the rims it suffers with palm and arm grinds.

The engravings are beautiful but they do border on going a bit over the top I think. YYRs look very elegant so I think a bit less could have made it look even better. The green that I got mine in is great. It is a very rich green (think British racing green) that contrasts brilliantly with the rims and engravings.

Due to its slower pace and long spins, it is great for learning tricks and it is probably very good for 5a and 3a (I think it was used by a YYR team member for 3a at some big contest near when it was released). If you are looking for a light speed demon then I’d say look elsewhere though.

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THATS what I am talking about. Thank you!!

Also I tend to prefer the heavier flowyier throws over the light speed light weights, and usually turned off by the extra popular. Draupnyeah’s massive popularity makes me less interested in it, and more interested in the shyer siblings.

I think its the engraving that caught my eye first. I know thye say its supposed to be a feather, but seriously, it looks much more like my favorite flower :wink:


Every time I see that thing all I can think is a why did yyr put a bud on their throw. Looks good though, especially with that perfect green


It’s a good throw for sure. Feels kinda vanilla to me but in a good way. Doesn’t do anything bad and just does everything well.


I don’t follow your logic. Because the Draupnir is popular, you don’t want to buy it?

Just because something is popular does not mean it’s bad (or less interesting)


It can be a bit of an elitist head trip. However, sometimes it is logical to think that way, because you’ve noticed that you consistently prefer things that aren’t in line with the mainstream. When you notice that everytime you’re disappointed with the most popular whatever, you start to investigate your purchases from angles other than popularity.

Don’t mean to answer for Dust, just my own personal observation, about my own experiences.

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Oh I know, Its just my core nature to seek the obscure, the lesser known, the forgotten or get in before it takes off. Then if Im into something that really blows up, a part of me dies on the inside. haha Just a pattern ive noticed over the decades.

Chain maille, buugeng, contact juggling, didgeridoo, and a host of others. Nothing against the popular, Ill just poke my head “over there” if tons of people are poking their heads “over here,” is all. :slight_smile:

MykMyk is right on track also.


I see what you’re saying. That seems more reasonable:)

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I made ice cream for many years when I lived on the coast (GA) and after delving into most flavors, a good vanilla is real hard to beat.


Vanilla is actually my go to flavor. :slight_smile:


Seems like everytime I really like something, it becomes unavailable! ::slight_smile:

I was just looking at the Valkyrie, and it really is sweet looking. I like the etching.

(InvaderDust) #13

Spent a couple of days with it, and . . . .yea. Im really impressed. Ill do a full review and write up in about a week or so, but very interesting throw. Its deceptive. Its powerful. Its graceful. Its very different than what i am used to (clyw’s gentle curves) but something I can dig.