YYR typeface Series restock - Comic Sans and Impact in new colors!


Anyone that bought out the black and blue have any notes or first thought on the Impact?! Love that Oreo look.

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I have one, but I’ve only played it for about half an hour. I think I may have over-lubed mine, because it plays almost like a looping yoyo now, with Alphaline string. Feels surprisingly light, and comfortable to hold. Was able to loop with mine, pretty easily, lol. Easier to catch on the string than I thought it would be. Loses spin fast, though. Might spin longer with less lube in the bearing. Very pleasant feel, though. Glass smooth, as all my YYR typeface yo-yos have been.

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anyone tried out the comic sans? i really like the look of it. like a M-shape but not as extreme as others

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I got one in the YYR Lucky Box. I really like it, it’s comfortable in the hand, pretty stable, good spin times, all around good yoyo.


This dense red Oreo is fun as heck. Not a performer by any stretch of the imagination, but put a clean konkave in it and it will do all the tricks I can do (which is not many, lol).