Yoyorecreation Comic Sans

Anyone own or try the yoyorecreation comic sans? I like the shape and the specs but not sure how it plays and if it’s worth buying. Any opinions are appreciated.

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I have a lucky box arriving today. If one is in there I’ll let you know! I’ve tried other typeface series (Futura Optima and impact), and they were all wonderful (though the Impact is incredibly challenging by design). If you like the specs, it’s hard to go wrong with YYR.

Edit: Got a Futura in the exact colorway I sold a couple years ago. Not at all disappointed. Hope you get one of these though and that it works out!

I liked the comic sans . It was a yoyo that I would say does everything good but nothing great. Its not too bulky and I feel like it makes a great everyday throw.


I would agree with Chris’ assessment. It is a very competent jack-of-all-trades, EDC-style yoyo. It won’t knock your socks off in any particular category, except maybe build quality (cuz its YYR), but it is nevertheless a good throw.

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