YYR Tone: 2022 Vs Updated Model

I saw that yoyorecreation recently came out with an update to the Tone and was wondering whether people who have tried both could weigh in on the differences between the two?

From looking at their dimensions, the new model is slightly heavier, wider and has a slightly smaller diameter. I’ve seen the original likened to a floatier Inevitable so I’m curious what impact those changes may have on that feeling.

I have both. I bought the new one as an add-on to the Upheaval and Savage. I was pleasantly surprised by it. The increased weight is noticeable and enjoyable. This is a chunky, slightly-undersized powerhouse that plays with comfortable power. It is a welcome, unique and I will say: awesome addition to my extensive YYR collection.

The OG Tone is also a great yo-yo. It is more like the Toru in that it is light and fast; with extreme rim-weight. Great yo-yo; and superior performer. It has a feel that is very different than the new one.