yyr question

has anyone used the yoyorecreation uragment and if so how is it?

-Connor ???

Really doubtful. I know Attybud has a Fragment though, one of the only people on the forum, maybe the only one, with one. Really wish there was more info out there. Such an interesting shape and weight. Get one and let us know how it is. :wink:

It’s really small and really light. Diameter wise it’s about as big as a blink but a bit more narrow. Plays pretty fast too and doesn’t feel too sharp in your hand. Feels quite comfortable actually

I have one in orange (or at least what YYR calls orange). Slightly undersized and very quick. Also surprisingly comfortable in the hand despite the sharp inverse curved shape.


It’s really light, but i’ve yet to hear anyone call it floaty. Is it fairly solid?? Given its small size maybe the weight feels heavier than it actually is.

The weight feels like what it is. It’s neither floaty nor solid but rather… spritely, I guess for lack of a better word. Very reactive to even the slightest of movements. Plays unlike anything else I own.


What is the difference in play between the Fragment and the Uragment? The difference in shape seems to be very slight and the difference in stats even more:

52.5mm dia
40mm width

52.4mm dia
39.7mm width

So obviously it’s just a slight difference in weight but I’d be interested in seeing how that effected the play…

I’ll be sure to post my comparison thoughts if I ever pick up a Fragment. Okay, it’s more like when I pick up a Fragment…