YYR Stardust V1 vs V2

does anybody know the difference between these two versions? I cant find anything online about it!

Same specs just some slight design changes.


You can read more about the v2 on one of the big Japanese stores that I can’t link to.

^ Ahh he’s beat me to it! Well played sir.

From another store:


The differences are fairly clear to see from the pictures. :slight_smile:

Im talking about the 44recreation stardust verses the yoyorecreation stardust v2. Not the Stardust 2. Its confusing I know!

The v2 just looks blasted with different ano.

Apologies for the misunderstanding!

From an afternoon’s research it seems the following:

  1. The V1 has slightly more rounded edges than the V2. (Based off comments I’ve read)

  2. The V1 was more prone to vibe/less well built.

  3. The V2 had a blasted version.

Here are some quotes from the old YYN forums:

You are right, there is very little information out there about the two, and what little there is is somewhat vague.

Here are a good set of comparison pics:

^ V1

^ V2

The one thing that seems certain from what I’ve read is that the V2 is the better of the two.

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The 44re:creation Stardust is one of my favorite yoyos of all time. I got one after Worlds '08 and it was so butter smooth. It was amazing.

awesome thanks guys! I am looking at getting one thats red and gold so I think that means its a V1. What do you guys think?

If it’s red/gold and non-blasted then it’s the OG 44re:recreation Stardust.

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