44re:creation Stardust

Hey guys, I was looking around and saw that there were no reviews for this yo-yo! How about we take a look at it?

Best thing to start with is the specs:
Weight (g) 65.40
Width (mm) 39.91
Diameter (mm) 51.65
Gap Width (mm) 4.21
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) 0.250 x 0.500 x 0.187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Silicone Sticker (Pad Response)
(These are not mine, and I do not mean to claim them as such.)

On to the yo-yo!
Response/Insides: This one comes responsive. This is due to the KK bearing that is placed in it stock. However, a quick clean or some play will fix this problem.

Stardust is a pad response yo-yo and comes with 44re’s own pads, which are very unresponsive! The pads have a nice feel to them and still provide a good bind despite the KK and monstrous gap. I noticed that even with the KK lubed from the factory, the Stardust played like a unresponsive yo-yo.

This one has a titanium axle. The yo-yo has a deep hub and the axle is very large. This combination makes it one hard yo-yo to strip (by the looks of it, I have not tried anything extensive).

One downside is that this yo-yo does not look like it will readily take silicone, because of the pads response. However, it is possible!

The Throw: The Stardust leaves the hand with a nice and solid feel. I have played a first run Stardust and felt this weird presence of the axle. It was not necessarily bad, just strange. I got a second run because I am a huge fan of 44re and figured I would get used to the yo-yo. That strange axle predicament is gone in this run! I am not sure how, but, it makes the yo-yo have a good feel to it.

This is one smooth yo-yo. Very smooth. It’s scary…really. There is vitually no vibe on this yo-yo! Like butta, and that’s all I can say on this.

Another plus, and something I look for in great depth, is stability. The Stardust is a very forgiving and stable yo-yo! The KK gets rid of any unwanted gyroscopic motion when the yo-yo sits in place, and the design of the halves does the rest. This little one lends itself well to off-axis play.

From the bb’d finish, good grinding is expected, and the Stardust delivers (pizza ;D)! It has a very even blast is smooth to the touch.

This yo-yo has more than sufficient spin times (for me) and does not lose much stability as it slows. When the Stardust finally returns, it does so with comfortable impact and then fits in the hand very well!

Final Thoughts: I have said nearly all I can about this yo-yo and I wholeheartedly recommend it! I am not sure if a bb’d one can still be found, but a nice anodized version can still be bought!

Hope this review helps! Feel free to ask any questions!

Great review. I really liked the StardustV1 I tried, so I’m sure the V2 will be amazing!

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I hadn’t seen a review for this yo-yo. Great review man! ;D

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About the comment for the V2 Stardust.
Fixed the vibration problems! These are SOLID yoyos.
The new 44rec yoyo’s will be awesome once they get released!

I don’t know why, but I liked the V1’s vibe :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t a bad vibe, but enough to get some to be almost unplayable.

The V2 Gloss Coated Stardusts are simply some of the smoothest yoyo’s I’ve played.
And the blasted ones aren’t too bad either, but the Gloss coated in my opinion are better and feel better in the hand!

Ugh, now I want to use one -.-