can somebody fill me in on what happened to yoyorecreation (44recreation :))?
I been out of the loop for a bit and I’m trying to catch up.


Welcome back! There is a thread dedicated to YYR that you’ll be able to consult from this point on for all your Japanese-yoyo needs:


However, to save you having to dig through all the pages, I’ll sum up most of the big news here.

Basically, Yoyorecreation stopped producing all of their older models (Sleipnir, E=MC2, Fragment, Messiah, etc etc.) and instead shifted their focus onto making new yoyo designs. They sold most of the old stock left off in Mystery Boxes and haven’t made any new runs since.

So here’s the rundown of their the new yoyos (roughly in the order they were released):


  1. Yoyorecreation Draupnir[/b]


Bi-Metal. 7075 aluminium body with stainless steel rims.

Diameter - 57 mm
Width - 43 mm
Weight - 63.5 g

Price was around $250 I believe. They released new colours (red, light blue, raw w/tempered rims) as well as a blasted, black edition, as time went on.

2. Yoyorecreation Dazzler (Signature model for Tatsuya Fujisaka)

A fully Titanium Model, costing around $650, and only made in limited numbers.

Diameter – 54 mm
Width – 41.20 mm
Weight – 63.4g

3. Yoyorecreation Laser

Another bi-metal. 7075 Aluminium with a different grade 7075 aluminium weight rim/insert on the inside. It’s kind of hard to explain how the two pieces actually fit together, you can get a sort of idea of you study the pictures closely.

Diameter - 56.05 mm
Width - 39.9 mm
Weight - 66.8 grams

They have yet to make any new colours for the Laser, but I believe they may be in the works.

4. Yoyorecreation (New) Diffusion

A fully moulded plastic retailing at $35 or so. It released originally in clear, as well as the lovely yellow you see above, and has since come out in a few new colours (white, blue).

Diameter – 58 mm
Width – 43.25 mm
Weight – 65.2g

That is the current YYR Lineup. There have been a few other editions, as shown below.

1. ‘Attuned’ Draupnir


This was a special edition Draupnir custom made for Akitoshi Tokubuchi. It was gold coloured and had a wider gap than the original (I’m afraid I don’t have the exact specs to hand), but that was the only adjustment.

2. ‘Bob’

‘Bob’ is the name originally coined by Naoki in the ‘Yoyorecreation Appreciation Thread’ used to reference the first run of Draupnir that had the larger ‘attuned’ gap as standard. It was also the first run of Draupnir to feature the new yoyorecreation logo and was black/blasted (shown above). The new Draupnirs are indistinguishable from the originals when viewed from the side without the YYR logo, so the nickname ‘Bob’ was adopted in order to easily differentiate between the runs.

It seems that from this point onwards all Draupnirs will have the larger gap. A new emerald green Draupnir has since been released as a special edition for a store I cannot name here.

3. Logo change

Finally, they recently changed their logo from the original:


To this:


Apologies for the small image.

So that’s pretty much it! I’m sure a few of the more knowledgeable YYR enthusiasts will pop in and correct/add to what I’ve said where needed, but it’s a slow day at the office and typing this all out gave me something to do. Hope it helped. :smiley:


I’m confused by the question.


Same. What happened is like saying they’re closed.


Ryota Ogi new signature confirmed?
much wow


All this “Bob” story has gone way beyond what I expected xD


The Draupnir rims are a different grade 7075 not steel. That and Diffusion are awesome throws.


I thought this was already covered. The Draupnir is 7075 with Stainless Steel rims. This has been confirmed by Yoyorecreation to me in an email.


You forgot the Triad.

I am at work; so no pictures.

Triad: plastic with steel rims. Not available in USA because of patents. Awesome throw.


The rims are steel, not a different grade of aluminum. I’ve put my Draupnir through hell and can confirm that the rims are steel, not aluminum, simply by using a UTS hardness tester to get reading of ~58. Much higher than any aluminum.


Wow! that is way more tan I expected, thank you all, Gambit thanks for the pics!!!
the dazzler looks like something I’d throw :slight_smile:

I had not seen anything from them in a while I honestly thought they closed up shop, but on the other hand I’ve been way too busy to check their website or anything.

honestly thank you all, sometimes I forget how cool the community is :smiley:

(2Sick Joey) #12

The Triad has steel rims? I always assumed it was aluminum


I want one… and i have a good friend in the military in japan… How could he get his hands on one?


Yup my mistake the rims are steel on the Draupnir. Some websites that are selling it have it listed as two different grades of aluminum. ::slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure you can order one off of another site. Probably in Asia. My friends ordered a few from one of the websites out there.


I never knew you were colorblind! Jk ;D
Yeah, the diffusion has some fancy new colors now.

(major_seventh) #17

They’re available on a site that only sells YoyoRecreations :wink:


That’s what I was going for!