YYR Pocket yoyo?

(Neil ) #1

Has YoYoRecreation ever made a pocket yoyo?


clash cube (44mmx44mm) It is the smallest … but don’t call it pocket yoyo…


Indeed, the Clash Cube is the only actually playable small yo-yo I have tried. I am sorry I sold mine.


The six can also be considered one :smiley:


Messiah is pretty small, never played one. Bet it’s pretty good though…


Yeah, with a 40mm width the Messiah is probably the best pocket yoyo from YYR. You might be able to find a used one, it’s a pretty fun yo-yo.


I want to design a yoyo with a snap together axle, so one half can be in each pocket. Therefore making it a pocket yoyo that can be larger.


Neat idea! That might cause some vibe though…