Yyr maintenance

Hi everyone, i have a yyr six that has never been unscrewed. The bearing is dirty now and i need to clean it. Are yyr really that sensitive that once it’s unscrewed, it’ll be hard to get it as smooth? Thanks for everyone help! Any advice would be great! And hope everyone’s having a happy holiday!!!

If bearing needs to be cleaned then my advice would be to unscrew the yoyo, remove the bearing and clean it.

Thank you. I meant how much will unscrewing affect the playability of the yoyo? For all my other throws I’d clean them without hesitation, but I have heard yyr are very technical so am just wondering if yyrs are really that sensitive…

So what would you rather have, a yoyo w/a bearing that needs cleaning, or maybe the possibility of a yoyo that’s in need of a slight amount of tuning?

Just go for it, it will work out in the end.

It’s not like the yoyos are hard to tune. Yoyos are not machined in one piece. Yoyorecreation had to tune entire runs of them. From my experience, they’re only finicky after you’ve dinged them. Otherwise you can unscrew them all you want.

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Thank you for the help! Happy Holiday to everyone!

You won’t even notice the difference, don’t worry about it!

This. I’ve unscrewed some of my YYRs multiple times and noticed no effects whatsoever. Tis’ merely an urban legend.

Thanks man! I think I got it from you, this thing is great! Love how stable it is despite the size!

Just cleaned the bearing, had a tines vibe first and second throw, but after that everything’s good. Thank you everyone for the response, they were a lot of help!