YYR Diffusion giveaway!

To celebrate us having YoYoExpert as our latest sponsor, the Museum is giving away a Yoyorecreation Diffusion (the one in the Museum). Simply follow @yoyomuseum on Twitter and tweet using the hashtags #yoyoexpert #diffusion and we’ll pick a random winner on Friday. Tweet must include BOTH hashtags.

i don’t have twitter :frowning:

Sorry, I promise that for our next giveaway Twitter won’t be a requirement (I need to work out the best way to do it).

Simple, use Instagram.

Problems with Instagram - #1, there’s no easy tool to pick a truly random winner using hashtags. #2, there’s no way to directly contact the winner via instagram. #3 - if someone doesn’t have Twitter, why do they have Instagram?

Is that supposed to be #yoyoexpert ?

I know there’s no way of pointing out a spelling mistake without coming across as a bit of a grammar nazi, so I apologise. However in this case since it’s somewhat important I feel it’s worth bringing to your attention. ;D

#yoyoexert is the hashtag used when discussing the pain and difficulty of learning a new speed trick.


Doh! yes, fixed now.

yes totally

  1. Put all the names in a random picker
  2. Direct message is a feature on Instagram
  3. I’m a photographer, I use Instagram, why should I have a Twitter?
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As I said, I will try to do something different for the next contest. I didn’t see an easy way to pull all users using specific hashtags into a list on Instagram and I admittedly didn’t know about the direct message feature. Instagram seems specifically geared to only work well in their app rather than having a web interface (you can’t add pictures or even comment from the web). There’s not even an iPad app, just the iPhone app at double resolution. I’m not a business so I’m not going to pay for 3rd party analytic tools and other tools to manage multiple social media accounts. I’m just saying, Instagram doesn’t make it easy for people like me to do this kind of giveaway.

I was just trying to “pay it forward” and give away some of the cool stuff that YoYoExpert and other other sponsors are awesome enough to provide. Sorry if I’m not using the social media site you prefer.

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Instagram is definitely about the app, not the web interface. Someone might have made a good Chrome or Firefox extension for it, but going to instagram.com isn’t going to yield useful tools.

Instagram has direct messages
and what exactly are we following on twitter, you never specified
Following yoyoexpert or?

man… these giveaways are rough… all that generosity, and then, I’ve gotta put in effort too?

what is the world coming to?



You can use your Instagram through www.ink361.com

Sorry, follow @yoyomuseum (I’ll update the first post)

I was actually just joking about instagram.

I’m sorry if I made that sound rude, I felt kind of offended when you said I should have Twitter because I have instagram.
That to me is like saying I have a YoYoExpert account so I should have facebook.

I have twitter but don’t have instagram because I don’t own smartphone.
There is always a compromise.

Keep it for myself? :wink: