YYO Orbis Question

Ok, I’ve had my orbis since christmas and I absolutely love it! My question is there a specific method to get it spin during finger spinning like the horizon does? I can sometimes get it to spin centered but it never seems to stay like that and quickly starts spinning around my finger tip (though this doesn’t kill the spin as quickly as I first thought it would and I can do 30 and 40 second long spin times without trying now).

I don’t know Orbis THAT well, but I believe it’s meant to work like the Mo-Vitation (the original fingerspin champ!)… the finger goes into the channel around the middle bump, not the middle itself. Relaxed finger… and I believe Momo does a LITTLE bit of adjustment with his string as the yoyo spins.

Look up Momo’s fingerspin video on YouTube; it shows him very clearly demonstrating that he uses the channel, not the middle, and he gets 1:00+ fingerspins. The Orbis should work the same way.

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Exactly, I’ve never used the dimple at all. Relaxed finger and slightly tilted yoyo is the way to go. Also try to grind slightly on the edge of your fingernail. Oh, and Greg, how do like the Krown? I’ve been drooling for a couple of months now.

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Thanks for the quick reply’s, the orbis doesn’t have a bump in the center but rather what i"m calling an inverted nipple and if I land it right it does tend to spin right. Guess I’ll have to work at it a bit longer.

The Krown is still probably my favourite yoyo. Especially the “revised” one, which I believe changed just enough to put binds where I like them. I don’t know if the gap size, the pads themselves, or the response groove are different, but it binds perfectly out of the box (I found first run snaggy until I sili’d it).

It’s funny… I always think it’ll blow everyone away, but a lot of people who try it don’t have the same affinity for it. It’s pretty light, which puts some people off (to me, that’s a big plus!) and in the first 5 minutes it might feel generic because it’s a straight-V.

But those who love it, love it a lot. :wink: I had the choice of every yoyo YYE had to offer and no real budget limit, and I chose the Krown.

Not too long after that I ended up with a Valor, which fights daily for top spot. Love that Valor.