Orbis Help

Hi! I received my YYO Orbis in the mail today, and I can’t seem to land any fingerspins on the dimple. I am able to land them on some difficult yoyos like the XLR8. But I can’t land a fingerspin on this to save my life! Any tips?

the dimple is just there for decoration. ignore it and just do the IRG spin.

My finger rarley stays in the center for long with my orbis, it usually ends up near the edge and spinning with a tilt. If my fingers are clean enough it goes for longer too. The dimple has affected me at all.

Thanks guys! Also, my Orbis cane with some vibe. Is that normal for this throw?

I don’t know about the Orbis, but I know that my other 2 yoyofficers (Crayon and Lava) had some vibe.

yyo bearing seats are on the tight seats, so try tuning w looser bearings such as ct

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It kind of depends on what you consider to be vibe, but if it’s really bothering you, contact info@yoyofficer.com, they might be able to help you out.

it was hard at the beginning to land in the dimple but then you get better with practice trust me you will if you keep practicing

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