YYO Hatchet

Has anyone tried one out? What do you think?

I have a Hatchet 2 that plays amazingly.

Gonna try to sell it though cause I have too many yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re considering purchasing one get one, (Hatchet 2), it’s well worth it.

Hatchet 1 I haven’t played for as long but the second version feels just as stable with some float.

I believe the Hatchet 2 is made from lightly squeezed unicorns, pixie hair and matter from a distant supernova light years away.

Yes, it’s that special.

I think I’m gonna jump on that. Gosh. Sounds like an out-of-body experience. Do you think I’ll survive??!?

In all seriousness, this is a throw I’ve been thinking about. How would you describe the overall presence on the string?

The Hatchet 2 to me seems to hit a lot of sweet-spots, but nothing is exaggerated which is what makes it so worthy to be thrown.

It feels solid, but not heavy,
It is light, but not unstable or out of control,
It is stable, but does not lack off/on plane maneuverability,
Is spins furiously without feeling like a brick or fatiguing the player from throwing,
It feels ‘floaty’ without lacking descent presence in or out of the air,
It can change direction quickly when you need it to, but not behave erratically.

There are more qualities that I just can’t describe. It has such a wonderful and complex overall feeling that other budget yoyos fail to deliver.