yyj red DM rare?

hey guys, i have a red DM, and i noticed that they dont sell them anymore. does this mean red DMs will become more valuable eventually?

no, http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic
They made a dm 2

No. They do still sell them, they are just not currently in stock at this particular store.

yea but i have an original red DM

collectors like og yoyos that play well,the dm 2 is superior to the dm, therefore, it will be hard to find a collector that wants one.

why do people rave about the original 888s then?

because many people loved the previous 888s than the current ones. they loved them and people still want them. alot people liked the original DM but alot of people didnt like it, so not many people will be looking for them, as well as they still sell them.

ok thanks guys :smiley:

Besides the fact that they made thousands and thousands of them.

any dm is not rare…yyj has made 1000’s of them, and in many colors too. including…believe it or not…red?!

I got this black one with mirrored caps. I don’t know how many black DM’s with mirrored caps there are.

yellow and purple is i think

There are tons of yellow ones. Not too sure about purple though. I don’t think any DM will be actually rare though.

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Well… LEs… Like maybe worlds versions may become rare, The Pink/Black Nation Master edition may become rare, and theres the one for YYN UK

My friend has the royal edition dm! Only 100 made! Yoyoexpert caps and gold rims!

I thought we were talking colors. DM’s with certain caps can be yes.

i have a dark green dm is that rare

There’s tons of every color DM’s. It sounds like now though YYJ is moving on with DM II’s which look good to me.

We are beating a dead horse here. We have the answer. Red DM’s are not rare.

~James Reed

No, collectors like rare yoyos. How well a yoyo plays has nothing to do with it’s collectability. Otherwise, that would defeat the purpose of being a collector.

Also, why is the Dark Magic 2 superior to the Dark Magic? It is in no way such.