YYJ Loopers and Rei Iwakura Yoyo?

(Chase Baxter) #1

Has anybody seen info or pics of these? I read on yoyojam.com that they will retire the Sunset Trajectorys soon with more modern technology and Rei Iwakura will be getting a signature yoyo soon.


New yyj loopers sounds awesome! Thanks for the info. And I’m guessing a rei iwakura yoyo would be 4a designed? Just guessing though, I may be wrong.


The loopers are going to be a Yasushi Furukawa signature series

(mikenak1) #4

actually there joseph harris signature called unleashed i think


yeah whoopsies xD
I heard that the “Unleashed” is a starburst version of the sunset NXGs. I heard something about the O-rings being a handicap?