YYJ Hit Man Pro




Wow, two scathing reviews in a row.

I’m not going to criticize your preferences. Not all of us can like every yoyo. What’s key is that people understand preferences. You fortunately DO understand your preferences.

However, you’re also 2 for 2 on cracks, which gives me cause for concern. Love it or not, a crack is unacceptable and you’re pointing stuff like that out. I wonder if temperature has anything to do with the problems, considering the axle system and the plastic coming together expand and contract at different rates. I clearly get it from your reviews that the cracks were there from the beginning…

Oh well. The Hit Man pro isn’t on my list anyways.


you didnt like the phenomizm!!! hmmm the phenomizm is one outstanding bi metal probley the best ever. really if u have a bad throw than it makes plastics and bimetals play worser, before i had a good throw my new breed would wobble and tilt easy but now its fine…


My HMP is cracked too, but I still love it. You say it like they all come cracked.


Funny. I would have expected YYJ to fix the cracking issue that plagued the older models. Two years ago when I quit they had cracks. I come back to see they have new ‘pro’ models of the older models… yet they still crack.

I have to guess that it’s the plastic they use that’s the problem, not the axle system. Many other plastic yoyos have metal nuts put inside of them to prevent stripping the plastic and yet none, or maybe a select few have problems with cracking.


i never have heard of new breeds or atmoshperes cracking probley because thoes are celcon…

(Brandon1) #7

I agree with you completely! When I first got it, I thought I liked it; but then if you go back to some of your old throws, you finally realize: this yoyo is a POS. Mine had the cracking issue too, and mine also is very unstable. And the best spin time i got on it was probably close to about 1 min (more or less). We need more honest reviews like this. Please do more!


Well, as we know, most people are opinionated. I am. So is the reviewer. But, he is being fair in HIS assessment of the yoyos in question. He used careful wording to avoid litigation issues. He didn’t flat out say “this sucks” or anything like that. He made sure he expressed his point of view and kept everything else that was a negative in a way that was backed up with something tangible, even something as intangible as opinion and preferences.

Lots of people love the Hitman, Lots of people love the Phenomiszm. Lots of people love YoYoJam. Clearly, for how he plays, nothing against YoYoJam, but it’s become apparent that the YYJ product line simply isn’t compatible with the reviewer. All I can therefore say is thank goodness there are other brands that work good for him so he can continue to enjoy the yoyo and be able to post future review, be they scathing or be they raving.


I love yall!