YYJ Fiesta

Ok use this if you’re going to keep quoting the same thing. I don’t know about you guys, but link failing hurts my eyes.

hahahha :smiley:

wow sounds like they should make body armor out of this stuff

yeah, except it wouldn’t be flexible around the body. (Please don’t move to unrelated section, were just answering questions, thanks)

Truman just gave a thumbs up for Hydrogen…

Why did Y’all quote all that lol

Why did you?

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Don’t quote unless you have to!

Especially if you’re quoting an ENTIRE REVIEW.

My monitor only has so much space and you’re wasting it with stuff I’ve already read! :frowning:

I know right?! My mom wonders if i started learning magic tricks too because i have no belly button anymore!? I’d better get to the hospital. ;D

lol. maybe when i get more into 4a i will get it but 4 now my throw monkey will do just fine

I tried it out too. I don’t own one, but I tried someone else’s and it was the best 4a yoyo I have ever thrown. It is easy to see why. I was thinking BIG time on getting one. It’s price is amazing too. I highly recommend it for beginner offstring players as well as masters. It is HUGE! lol.

yeah, its big (just like any other 4a yoyo0. btw, welcome to YYE!

That sounds like something I’d say when I was like 7 years old.

Also, there’s no need to quote the entire review, pics and all to reference one sentence.