YYJ Cerberus

Would anyone be able to inform me of how well this plays for Counterweight? just wondering, because i have not heard much about it

Cerberus is a great yo-yo for 1A, 3A, and 5A, which coincidentally are all strong styles of play for Yoshi Mikamoto. If I understand correctly Yoshi, in the design of this yo-yo, wanted a yo-yo that was effective for more than just one style of play. I think you will find that when you do 5A with Cerberus you will see that the overall size of the yo-yo will help make learning 5A easier as well.

Hope this helps,

  • John

Sweet! Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking of starting some 5a in a few months:) I’m thinking of getting a Cerberus, because it looks pretty cool in my opinion and can’t afford the expensive but it’s an okay price :slight_smile: thanks