-what YYF yoyo is that when your “turn” something in the yoyo it will be responsive or less responsive.
(i mean you can adjust it whether you like responsive or less responsive one.)

-is it also spins long?
-can it do ALL the tricks teach here in YYE? (i mean the yoyo itself when out in the box only, no upgrades.) (can it do the tricks in Master Section?)

That could be either a velocity, speed dial, or 401K. And yes with enough skill any of them can do any trick on this site.

A velocity might suit you,but you will have to upgrade eventually,a speed dial and 401k might be the last yoyos you will buy,but they aren’t always the best choice.If you want to get another great yoyo,you can get a dark magic,it can be responsive,but it can be 100% unresponsive also.

Yes but I thank he wants a YYF yoyo not a YYJ. I would go for the PGM. It is unresponsive but you can easily make it responsive. Also the hub stacks are a great feature to. Later.

Keep it spinning™

I know,I was just saying it is also adjustable and will be a good choice.