yyf thumb grinding

can you thumb grind on yoyofactory’s hubstacked yoyos if you take the hubs off??? ???

I can thumb grind with hubstacks and nubs too. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]

I can Thumb grind with my 09 g5 with short and long stacks on just fine-- Takes practice, but you can take them off and it’s easier, if you have a large thumb it may get caught and rip you fingernail.


well it depends
I have a DNA and I could thumb grind with stacks
on the other hand I cant do a thung grind with my friends 888 or skyline
he did take the stacks off the skyline and 888 for thumb grinds and it worked great
or if you are talking about something like a PGM mine does do good thumb grinds but only without wheight rings
my friends stacked PGM does not thumb gring very well and he never bothered to take the stacks off because he could use my unstacked one
so overall it depends on what yoyo you have

On another note, I’m wondering (truly asking) how the FAST dial series allow thumb grinds with that huge dial in the middle!!!

401sd is the only one my chubby thumb fits in.

Maybe if I become an Engineer, I can engineer better yoyos and response systems. Maybe get the dials smaller!!!

Wouldn’t you be able to fit into the 401k or any of the 401s?

Most metal YoYoFactory yoyos do allow you to thumb grind easier with the hubstacks off. You can still do them with them on, but off will be simpler. However, PMG’s are possible, but it is difficult and/or painful sometimes.