YYF Superstar

Hello yoyoexpert!
I am just wondering if yyf is going to be releasing any new superstars (or re-stocking the splashes) before Christmas. I am looking to buy one but I am not too keen with the ones that are out at the moment.

Thanks for any info you guys have.

Happy Holidays,

I believe Ben said in a post that there wouldn’t be anymore colorways until early 2010.

There’s a purple yoga flame witch is the last.

There is still one purple acid wash kentaro edition left in the YYE shop. I thought it was the best colour but that just IMO. :slight_smile:

I would prefer it be a splash though. I think I might just wait for the 2010 Superstar hoping it also has the Center Trac Bearing with new splashes. I will probably buy myself a MVP instead not sure which one tho… the dual tones are pretty sweet…