YYF Spintops Buttons. HELP!

Dear YYF Ben,

What is up with these spintop buttons? I got like 20 of them from Worlds, and I expected them to break and shatter, so that I would have an excuse to purchase more.

However, I am still using the original one I first tried out.

Obviously there is a problem with this. These only cost 25 cents, and they are lasting way too long for that price. I want to spend more money on them, but they aren’t breaking fast enough.

Eventually I got tired of using this one, and attempted to drop it down stairs, and from my roof, but to no avail. It won’t break.




I lol’ed

If you really want to get ripped off, then pay them $50 dollars for what they’re worth, and then act like you got a deal because you think they’re worth a hundred. ;D

If you really want to break it, then whack it with a hammer untill it smashes!

lol! ;D ;D

are these spin top buttons being sold anywhere or no

I think the solution would be to:

A: Kill Ben for cheating you.

Or B: Travel to the darkest forest in Bulgaria, and give them to the unicorn rainbow Sunshine, go upon the highest mountain top in the world, and have him impale the spin-top buttons with his horn.

Totally stole my idea… >:(

I’ll take one! Please! :’(

So, u want it to break?

OR cast them into the fires of Mt. Doom and destroy them for all eternity.

Hes essentially advertising them.

Good catch, I almost forgot that one.

That sounds rather dangerous.

I’d rather just give it to Tom Bombadil. He could get Old Man Willow to step on it.

How, exactly, were you made an eXpert again?

The method you’re describing will only destroy the Duncan Freehand dice.

So, who is gonna buy it?