YYF spacer stuck


Is there an easier way to remove a YYF spacer from the bearing?  I really mangled up the spacer taking it off.  I even followed these instructions on this video and it was still really hard to get off.

I’m getting a new YYF Shaqler pretty soon and I’d like to figure this out.  If I don’t, I may sell it and get a DV888 and just avoid the plastics.


I think I did find an easier way. I took a tiny flat screw driver and sharpened it. I used that to push into the crack between the spacer and bearing and gave it a twist. I did that all the way around and that seems to be easier. I’m satisfied with that method.

Feel free to add any extra tips on the subject though.


Read this ;).http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=61296


Use a knife to wedge under the spacer, and be careful.


Indeed!  Wish I had seen that.  Somehow I missed it while searching the forum.