YYF Shutter

Hi again!

Back with another question.
The shutter comes with a tutorial. For those people who bought the shutter and the tutorial, what does Gentry/Andre teach you in the tutorial?
Is it what he did in the national contest, or is it just regular tricks?

Its the trick gentry does in the preview on the shutter page

I totally forgot that it comes with the trick. I need to go learn it lol

you get this trick tutorial

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Is it only that one, or are there more?

Just that one

That awkward moment you try to tell someone their doing something illegal by quoting them

And you accidentally give them a thank you

That awkward moment when u just commented in the wrong post lol

What are you talking about

I think it’s okay, it’s just the preview, which can easily be found on Youtube, not the actual tutorial.

That awkward moment when you don’t read the thread properly. :wink:

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There’s an awkward moment thread. lol that’s what I was referring to.

I knew what you were saying lol but couldn’t resist.

Lol epic fail!

I don’t think so lol maybe I’m just seeing this a whole different way but I still think my statement stands as a good joke. I only meant it as a joke!


what was the joke?

Ok he was referring to something previously in this post but he started off saying that awkward moment which is a whole nother post. Sooo I said he commented in the wrong post as a joke lol but now it’s not funny cuz of all this discussion after the fact.

I thought that he posted the actual tutorial instead of the preview
Silly me, sorry bout that

Oh sorry I’m a bit slow sometimes lol. I get it now.

don’t worry about it lol, at least you get it now.

Okay, where is this leading to?