Yo! What’s good YYE?

Just wanted to document a trick, check it out and let me know if you like it.

Player: Andrew Robinson
Yoyo: Yoyofactory Shutter


Great trick! I feel like as a combo within a routine it would work really well. I felt that as a standalone trick, there is some fat that could be trimmed to make an incredibly good trick.


Thanks GregP! It was definitely designed to be in a contest routine, thanks for checking it out!

(major_seventh) #4

A freestyle winner! That’ll score well. :slight_smile:


Beast. :wink:


Lol tutorial PLEASE


I second this motion.


Dare I say I third this idea?

(major_seventh) #9

4th :wink:


5th (even though there is no way I can do that yet)


6th :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t say “no” to a tutorial so that I can drill into some of those separate elements. But front-to-back, that’s a long combo for a tutorial!!




Wow, alright!

So, due to the overwhelming response for a tutorial, I’ll go ahead and make one that breaks down a few elements for you guys. :slight_smile:


would loooove a tutorial for that… it looks amazing and is exactly the style i love seeing and doing myself :wink: