YYF REGEN (Mystery G) First Impressions Review.

You guys can take this as you like…
But since receiving my mystery box I have played the Proto 2x more than the regen…
But to be fair I have played with the Kendama 10x more than either lol.
I’m a full blown Kendama addict now, thanks catchy lol

Yeah… I don’t think anyone expects everyone to like everything. Some people like it, others don’t. That’s life.

It just does not seem to handle speed well. It plays decent if Im being calm just tossing it around, but as soon as I crank up the speed it wants to tilt off axis on me. And this might just be caused by my style, but I don’t have an issue with most of my other throws. I think the weight distribution is the issue. It feels like it has too much weight on the outside maybe? Just my opinion tho.

Plays fine for me, but no ones experience will be the exact same. This applies to most things, not just yoyo.

Whats that supposed to mean? Is that you hope it will have more than one run? Hope it won’t have more than one run? Hope it won’t sell out quickly like the yeti?

Anyway, I don’t see this becoming a yeti situation as it doesn’t have the “CLYW Hype” that the kids love so much these days. :wink:

I think you answered your own question with your other questions.

Thanks for reading.

if im reading you right i think we actually agree on something here lol
for my own selfish reasons i hope the regen does not go into full production.
but its looking like its going to.
i hate to throw around loose quotes with you lol ::slight_smile:
but yyf ask.fm
Q:did people like the regen enough for an official release
A: yes

It’s either a quote or it’s not. I’ll leave at that.

I see YYFs thinking here though. They do not directly gain if the yoyo gets only one release, thus becoming a collectible with an inflated price. The get zero monetary gain, only BSTers do.

Im excited, It looks like I will be getting one of these babys through a B/S/T deal!

It’s more than just monetary gain. It’s cool to have something’s in your collection that have some good stories behind them not to mention the “rare” factor. As of right now most of the stories behind my throws end at “I once a hunk of metal” or on this case “hunk of plastic”
On a side humorous note somewhat related, a kid I went to school with messaged me on FB the other day after seeing a yoyo post. He said “hey bro I found my old yomega brain from Jr.high. If you wanna buy it it’s yours.” Lolol, he was conveinced his decade old brain had become a collectable. I imagine it will be another century before an unpackaged yomega brain is worth more than it retailed for in its day.

I was speaking primarily from the viewpoint of a company. Not that of a consumer.

The lack of stories behind your yoyos has little to do with their rarity. I have yoyos that have super sentimental value, and they’re just common YYF’s and Duncan’s.

If rarity matters to you that’s fine. However, that’s not necessary for the yoyo to have a “story”.

The story of this yoyo is already very unique, and thoroughly detailed in the review.

Glad to see these are getting a full run! :slight_smile: