The new gentry yoyo (Mystery box yoyo)

Hello all! Incase any of you saw my first post about that yoyo on the mystery box thread, well, get ready for me to grab a fork and eat my words!
This yoyo was nuts! I thought I wouldn’t have liked it because I was expecting a metal (Shame on me I know) but this plastic is amazing! It’s made from a special (Derlin?) plastic that is super tough and smooth, enough for grinds!!! ON A PLASTIC!!! It’s weight so nice around the rims, and the H shape feels amazing in the hands and to land tricky string tricks.
My personal yoyo came with a messed up bearing, but since it was a center track, I took an exact one I had that did work and put it on there and wow!
This yoyo was the unreleased yoyo in the 2014 mystery box, and it was a good bonus! I saw that it’s going for just itself for 50 dollars, and most of you (Me included) would jump at that price for a plastic, but believe me, it’s worth it. Honestly it’s like a plastic version of a supernova.

Pros: The center track bearing really makes this yoyo glide on the strings and the weight o the rims and yoyo keep a really nice, steady spin on it. IMPORTANT TO YOUNGER/LESS EXPERIANCE PLAYERS. This yoyo is unresponsive, BUT TO THOSE SAME PEOPLE, this is the PERFECT yoyo to try and learn unresponsive play on. It’s plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dings and scratches, which I know can be discouraging. It’s a tough, nice little yoyo that I’m very glad to own.

Cons: The only con I had with mine, and that was just mine, was that it came with a bad bearing, but that’s it. It’s a really well made throw.

Over all rating 8.9/10. So that’s all for this review, throw on throwers!

I would also like to add that I did drop on concrete today, while it was spinning and have almost NO damage from it.

Impressive! Haha :smiley:

I don’t know if it just hit right or something, but I almost became a religious man that day. XD