YYF Project Red Alert #9?

I was browsing through Yoyowiki and came across this site:http://sites.google.com/site/benjaminmcphee/home4

If I recall correctly, the Plastic Grind Machine was #10 on the Project Red Alert. From the website: “Revolution #9 was created but never released by YoYoFactory. Rampant reproduction of replicas by Asian manufacturers of other YoYoFactory designs prompted the decision to not release #9 until a change in the world retail market.”

So just out of plain curiousity, whatever happened to #9? I’m guessing it was already released as another yo-yo without any Project Red Alert attachment.

hmm, seems like that change has come, seeing as how yyf it taking chinese models and selling them.

I haven’t heard of the #9 project, and seeing has how they are done with the project line, I’m assuming there won’t be much. My assumption would be the skyline or superstar.

Last year YYF hinted on their facebook that they were thinking about releasing it but, i dont know if it ever came up again


If anyone’s still here, Red ALERT #9 is the Nine Dragons